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Lawyers have an ethical, legal and fiduciary duty to protect their client’s information. In addition to their duties, clients demand they adopt measures to protect the privacy of their electronic communications. Messaging addresses these issues as well as the issues of denial of receipt and the management of digital content between authenticated parties.

Why Use Messaging

The standard disclaimer that has appeared at the footer of a lawyer's email message is no longer the solution to protect the confidential nature of their communications concerning their client's private information. Messaging is an ultra secure, simple-to-use communication system for sending, receiving and storing your most sensitive information to other members. It eliminates the risks associated with standard email and the costs and delays of overnight mail and parcels.

The Benefits

There are significant benefits to be derived by using the Messaging service. These include:

  • Fast and efficient delivery of your documents to other recipients within the network
  • Faster response time to open issues, while maintaining security of your communication
  • All communications can be tracked and you receive recipient notification of delivery
  • Meets compliance regulations and corporate privacy policies
  • Cost effective overall, easy to reconcile for oncharging to your client's matter
  • Less than the cost of a stamp
  • Manage your users through your Administration Console
  • Comprehensive reporting available

All the Security Without Complexity Messaging provides encrypted transmission and storage, through the Member Console, plus indisputable identity verification. The technology is web-based (via the Member Console) and hidden under the hood, so it is very easy to use and requires no installation.

What is a Message

A Message is forwarded via the Member Console and:

  • Combines your confidential written messages and attachments of virtually any size into an electronic envelope - eDoc
  • Is delivered only to your named recipients (fee earner(s) and/or secretary(s)) within the Mail delivery network. It never leaves the control of our high-security system and your eDoc is managed and monitored
  • Is safe from hackers, identity thieves, phishing, spamming and unwanted disclosure
  • You have real-time tracking of all delivery activities and recipient actions
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