We Make It Easy To Keep Organised

Word Processing Made Convenient

Doc.box offers a unique and convenient way to complete your word processing for those busy times or when your secretary is on sick or holiday leave, or when you have an unusual increase in your word processing requirements.

Complete Range of Digital Software

We are equipped with all the leading brand software for digital dicta-phones. We can also manage digital transcription work in any standard audio file format for word processing.

Accuracy Assured

Doc.box can meet all your requirements with any form of legal typing. All work is produced in accordance with your instructions and using your precedents, where required.

Easy Process

Using our online system you:

  • Upload your audio and template files. All audio file formats accepted
  • Receive email notification when transcripts are completed
  • Log on to retrieve your completed documents from your document manager

Document Manager

All completed work is retained in your online document manager for your retrieval for up to 3 months. Your templates are retained permanently unless you delete them, which is very handy if you are away from the office.

Confidentiality Maintained

Doc.box understands the importance of maintaining confidentiality. All work is treated in strict confidence and all typing staff are required to enter into a confidentiality agreement.

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