Settle It Quickly and Efficiently

A complete no fuss solution is committed to providing you with solutions for all your settlement needs. From the initial booking, pre-settlement collections and processing, settlement attendance through to post settlement registration and banking, is your one-stop service provider.

Leading Technology

Clients have access to our easy to use settlement booking, tracking and document management system that allows the whole settlement process to be booked online simply and quickly from anywhere in the world.

The Settlement Process

Transparency is maintained at all stages, ensuring a smooth transaction. Our team’s broad experience allows to anticipate and resolve potential issues, which gives us the advantage when it comes to processing urgent and complex matters.

Online Bookings

The online booking system gives you complete control, no matter where you are. You can:

  • Book your settlement including all pre and post settlement activity
  • Reschedule, place on hold or cancel your settlement without having to call us
  • View our costs to calculate our fee for the day
  • Manage your account via your "Planner"
  • Produce a range of comprehensive reports

An automatically generated confirmation email will be forwarded to you once the settlement is booked or changed. Also, a confirmation email will be sent to you once the settlement is completed, or we can telephone you if you prefer.

Online Searching

Conduct land, water, council, business information and account enquiries all from within the online system.’s online searching service complements the settlement process by offering a one-stop service all from within the one online portal.

Simple Pricing Module

Once your booking is completed, a full summary of all costs, including disbursements, is available. You can also look up your pricing schedule should you have a requirement to calculate our fee on the day.

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